Cannabis Businesses Smart Messaging

Take advantage of this current trend, and let those users know who you are, and what you sell. They won’t even have to look up from the phone.

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Automate customer engagement with Smart Messaging

We make it easy to create, personalize and target your customers with SMS/ Email campaigns based on your customers buying habits. Our system is fully automated and connected with your POS, loyalty, and our eCommerce platform that will boost your revenue and customer engagement. Don’t wait and start to engage with your customers with different marketing campaigns and create a high touch experience with minimal effort.

Business Intelligence

Our reports are easy for you to understand how much you have made based on your marketing campaigns

Product Intelligence

Learn more about your products, which products sell best, and buy trends based on your customer demographics.

Behavioral Tracking

Learn more about what your customers are buying, when they buy, and what they have purchased in the past.

Smart Messaging Offers

Full Analytics And Reporting

Content Personalization

Campaign Scheduling And Optimization

Two-way texting

Live Messaging

Recommendations Based On Results

Integration With Pos Systems

Multiple User Access

Automatically Publishes To Social Media

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