Cannabis Businesses Digital Displays and Smart Menus

Take advantage of this current trend, and let those users know who you are, and what you sell. They won’t even have to look up from the phone.

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Manage inventory automatically with Smart Menu

Engage with your cannabis patients and customers like never before and connect your inventory to our digital signage solution in-store and your online store. Our system makes it easy to create unique menus that automatically keep products updated throughout the day. Our smart menu makes it easy to increase sales through website traffic, displaying what’s popular to your customers while they shop in your store, and make it easy for them to preorder instore and online.

Coordinate Marketing Efforts

Stop. There is no need to keep updating several systems. Kush Media has an integration layer with your POS to keep your data updated.

Co-market With Suppliers

Our system makes it easy to make banner ads, so you can cross promote your other brands and your suppliers. So everyone sells more.

Promote What's Hot

Target your customers with your what already selling will and with items that you want to push to make room for new that new strain you have.

Smart Menu Offers

Easy To Use Tools Mean You Don’t Need A Designer

Auto-sync Keeps Your Inventory Updated Real-time

Preset Themes Or
Full Customization

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