Inventory Management For Your Cannabis Business​

Track and trace your products, streamline your supply chain, predict product demand, and make sure you have enough supply.

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Be worry-free. Let Us Do All Of The Heavy Lifting With A Personalized Setup.

Most of our customers’ businesses are up and running in no more than two weeks.

Centralize your inventory

Streamline your data for all your dispensary locations.

Upload CSV Templates

Add new products by editing a CSV template with your product details.

Manage Grow Rooms

Prevent “not salerooms” from being added into the shopping cart.

Bulk edit

Multiple product information edits, such as price, name, and stock level.

Optimize supply chain

Know your real-time inventory status and forecast future demand.

Discrepancy approvals

Set up a workflow for managers before any changes sync to Metrc or Biotrack.

Stay Compliant With Your State Regulatory System With Our Seed To Bank Solution

Using our system you will be be able to stay compliant and run your business like never before. Know in a few clicks how healthy your operation really is.

Inventory Management

Streamline your business operations, improve transaction efficiency, and reduce inventory management work.

State Compliance

Ensure compliance with state regulatory agencies. Report your daily inventory and sales to Metrc and Biotrack.

Reporting and Analytics

Track inventory activity, when stock items get low, your purchase history, and fix any discrepancies you might have.

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