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Get Started With Social WiFi For Your Cannabis Storefront and Start Collecting Relevant Data About Your Customers

Provide a wi-fi portal for your customers, with many combinations of interactions to best fit your business model. Whether you are in cannabis processing and you require a long term account system, or a storefront who simply wants to give a customer a chance to stay in touch with a newsletter, we’ve got some great setups. Collect contact info or provide purchase options; the choice is yours, with flexible styles and customization to fit your exact business theme.

Capture new leads

When customers connect to your Wi-fi, they will need to provide you with email or a social media account!

Analyze your customers

You gain the ability to access in-depth information of your customers, and a set of tools analyze the data.

Interact with your customers

Build a loyal customer base, encourage more visits to your cannabis business and gain reviews though automation.

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